Bavarian specialties

Zum Franziskaner Bavarian specialties

A small selection of our Bavarian specialties

Bavarian Brotzeit (traditional meal of bread and cold cuts)

Weissbier Obatzda (traditional Bavarian cheese spread)

This dish is one of the delicacies symbolic of Bavarian coziness and Brotzeit. Our Obatzda is served fresh on a wooden board with onion rings, white radishes, spring onions, and just-baked rustic bread. It’s a wonderful introduction to the Munich dining experience. Try it – it’s delicious.

We recommend this drink: We think our Franziskaner Weissbier is perfect for this meal.

Zweifarbiger Obatzda

Our specialties

Oven-baked Leberkäse (a type of meat loaf)

We’ve become famous for our Leberkäse far beyond the borders of Bavaria. Every day, we bake a fresh batch of our secret recipe in a specially designed oven for Leberkäse. If you sit down at one of our tables, you simply can’t leave without trying it. Our guests are particularly fond of snacking on it while having their morning pints here at the Franziskaner.

We recommend this drink: Any of our Munich-brewed Löwenbräu specialties are wonderful with our Leberkäse.

Zum Franziskaner Leberkäse

Franziskaner Fleischpflanzerl (pan-fried meatballs)

The best in the city – our reputation precedes us. Just like with our Leberkäse, we never cut corners here, using only the best meat and freshest parsley for our trademark dish. We make fresh meatballs every day. Especially around lunchtime, our kitchen transforms into a meatball factory. Served with homemade sauce and warm potato salad with cucumbers. You simply have to try them.

We recommend this drink: A Franziskaner Weissbier or refreshing Russn pairs perfectly with our meatballs.

Franziskaner Fleischpflanzerl mit Kartoffelgurkensalat

Fresh from the oven

Juicy pork roast

Our juicy pork roast with crackling is served with two potato dumplings, homemade pork gravy, and cabbage salad. For years now, it’s been THE favorite dish here at the Franziskaner, no matter the season. If you’re visiting Munich, don’t hesitate to order the pork roast.

We recommend this drink: We recommend a freshly tapped Löwenbräu Original with the juicy pork roast.

Saftiger Jungschweinebraten

Crispy Schweinshaxn

One of the highlights on our menu is Schweinshaxn, a ham hock taken from one of the pig’s rear legs. We serve it with two potato dumplings, homemade pork gravy, and cabbage salad. This way of preparing ham hocks is probably the most emblematic dish in Bavarian cuisine. Everyone’s familiar with it, and everyone should try it at least once in their lifetime. Don’t forget about the Franziskaner’s Haxe-Spezial either.

We recommend this drink: Any of our many Löwenbräu specialties would be perfect with our ham hock.

Bayerische Schweinshaxn

Crispy roast suckling pig

It’s THE decades-old tradition here at the Franziskaner. Rib-eye cuts of suckling pig with plenty of crackling, two potato dumplings, and warm bacon-and-cabbage salad on the side. The meat is so tender it melts like butter, has very little fat, and is particularly popular with women. We offer the choice between a “small” or a large portion. You can’t leave Munich without having experienced it – you’ll love it.

We recommend this drink: The perfect complement to our crispy roast suckling pig is a freshly tapped Franziskaner Hefeweizen.

Resch gebratenes Spanferkel - Große Portion

Bavarian free-range duck

Our free-range ducks are all raised in nearby regions of Bavaria. We serve this dish with homemade stewed red cabbage and apples, two potato dumplings, and homemade duck gravy on the side. You can order either a quarter or a half of duck at the Franziskaner. No matter how hungry you are, our juicy duck will always provide outstanding flavor thanks to our specially designed duck grill.

We recommend this drink: The best beverage to pair with duck is a full-bodied Franziskaner-Royal wheat beer or a glass of red wine.

Bayerische Freilandente

Nothing beats a hearty meal

Wiener schnitzel

Our Wiener schnitzel is made using topside slices of veal. These are then breaded and fried in churned butter. We serve our schnitzel with crunchy fries, lemon slices, and cranberry sauce. Experienced patrons of the Franziskaner will know to order a little Béarnaise sauce on the side. Gently tenderizing the meat brings out its quality. Try it for yourself! We’ll offer an “An guadn!” (“Bon appétit!”) in advance.

We recommend this drink: Wiener schnitzel tastes best when paired with a foamy, freshly poured Löwenbräu Original.

Wiener Schnitzel in Faßbutter gebraten

Allgäuer Kässpatzn – Franziskaner-style egg noodles with cheese

Our Spätzle (a type of German egg noodles) are truly special. It’s not just that we serve them in a cast-iron pan – the combination of flavors is unique, even in Munich. We mix these small egg-based dumplings with Allgäuer cheese, Bavarian sauerkraut, and gently sweated onions. After plenty of tossing in the pan, we bake the dish with cheese on top to produce a lovely crust. A few fried onions as a garnish, and your Allgäuer Kässpatzn (Franziskaner-style) is ready to eat.

We recommend this drink: We suggest ordering the Franziskaner Leichte-Weiße (light wheat beer), which has a reduced alcohol content.

Allgäuer Kässpatzn

Our dessert tips

Oven-baked Kaiserschmarrn

This is a classic way to end a wonderful evening here at the Franziskaner. Fresh from the oven, Kaiserschmarrn – shredded pancakes – enjoys an outstanding reputation well beyond the borders of Bavaria. We ALWAYS prepare it freshly, so you should order it along with your main course. We serve this Alpine dessert in a cast-iron casserole dish, topped with raisins (we can leave them out if you prefer), almonds, a light sugar glaze, and plum compote or applesauce. Please note that the Kaiserschmarrn can only be ordered for two people or more.

We recommend this drink: A lovely mug of premium Dallmayr coffee or the subtle caramel notes of a Löwenbräu-Original Dunkel (dark beer).

Ofenfrischer Kaiserschmarrn

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